General context

Traffic restrictions

The general and additional traffic restrictions for heavy goods vehicles are detailed in the booklet Heavy Goods Vehicles - Traffic restrictions published each year and available in different languages.

Special traffic bans

The schedule of special traffic bans for heavy goods vehicles also concerns the main roads network of the Île-de-France and Rhône-Alpes areas. Those traffic bans are detailed in the folder Heavy Goods Vehicles - Schedule of special traffic bans published each year and available in different languages (German, Italian, Polish) :

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de Zeitplan für Besondere Fahrverbote 2018 (Format pdf - 990.6 kb - 05/01/2018)

it Calendario dei divieti specifici di circolazione 2018 (Format pdf - 969.8 kb - 05/01/2018)

pl Kalendarz - Czasowych ograniczeniach obowiązujących 2018 (Format pdf - 1.1 Mb - 05/01/2018)

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