Map of electric charging stations

The commitments made by the Government for the development of the use of electric vehicles are accompanied by the deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVRI) along the national road network (NRN), in order to encourage the use of this type of vehicle for intercity journeys.

In order to accompany road users in their travels, especially during the period of major departures during the 2021 summer holidays, Bison Futé has made available an interactive map in real time identifying charging stations for electric vehicles in service.

This map lists stations with at least one charging point at 50 kW or higher, and located: - on service and rest areas of the motorway network and national roads - within a radius of 1000 m of an inlet or outlet of these roads It has 577 stations and 2248 charging points (as of 17/02/2022).

The map shows the stations’ real-time availability data, to discover it simply click on it.

This card is made and supplied by GIREVE

Ministère de la transition écologique et solidaire