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Declaration of compliance

The article 11 of delegated regulation (EU) 2015/962 which pertains to the implementation of action "b" of directive 2010/40/EU provides that Member States’ competent authorities may require road authorities, road infrastructure operators, producers of digital maps and service providers to present a declaration of compliance with the requirements indicated in articles 3 to 10.

Declaration of compliance (Format pdf - 88.8 kb - 11/10/2018) with the requirements of delegated regulation (EU) 2015/962.

This declaration must be submitted before the 13th of July every year to : Agence Française pour l’Information Multimodale et la Billettique (AFIMB) Tour Séquoia F-92055 LA DEFENSE Cedex

This declaration has to be downloaded, filled in and sent by email to AFIMB.