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Accessibility policy


Traffic monitoring site is developed according to the recommendations of the version 2 of the general repository accessible administrations (PGRFA) to be accessible to all individuals regardless of the hardware or software they use to browse the Internet.

Article 47 of Law No. 2005-102 of 11 February 2005 on equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of people with disabilities, made ​​accessibility a requirement for all communication services public online state, local authorities and public institutions that depend on it. It states that the information provided by these services must be accessible to all. The Repository General Accessibility for Administrations (PGRFA) can progressively make available all information provided by us.

Its contents Bison Smart are created to be presented in different ways by different tools or read without loss of information (for example, all the images have a text equivalent) and without loss of structure (the data structure: title, date, source, paragraph ... is codified regardless of their presentation on the site).

The contents are therefore separately from its formatting and can be presented in different ways (that is to say in other style sheets). It can also be displayed without graphics. Tools or graphic conventions are implemented on all pages of the site to facilitate:

  • l’orientation (plan du site, chemin de navigation...),
  • le repérage (couleurs des rubriques, pictogrammes...),
  • l’identification des liens hypertextes (couleur identique sur tout le site),
  • l’accès au contenu (le moteur de recherche est présent sur toutes les pages)

The texts are written to be readable and understandable. Definitions are located on the main administrative terms, acronyms are developed at least once on each page where they are used.