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Data re-use licence

Public and private road operators and service providers, make available road safety-related traffic information digitised data, in application of Commision delegated Regulation (EU) n° 886/2013.

Traffic information digitised data (hereafter referred as “the Information”) consists of safety-related traffic events or conditions data covered by the road safety-related minimum universal traffic information service, in accordance with French government Decree n°2015-474 of 27 April 2015.

The events or conditions covered include the following categories, choosen by France :

  • 1° temporary slippery road ;
  • 2° animal, people, obstacles, debris on the road ;
  • 3° unprotected accident area ;
  • 4° short-term road works ;
  • 5° reduced visibility ;
  • 6° wrong-way driver ;
  • 7° unmanaged blockage of a road.

This data re-use licence (Format pdf - 80.5 kb - 19/10/2018) defines the conditions for use of the digitised data.