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Winter driving conditions

Despite the resources implemented on the roads during the winter period, the driving conditions can quickly deteriorate depending on the weather context.

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Driving conditions chart
A 4 colours guide has been defined to assess those situations, which allows to display the different driving conditions observed on the roads by the traffic operators. Those colours inform you on the state of roads, and help you to adjust your itinerary and your driving behaviour to the difficulties reported. During the winter maintenance period (from November, 15 to March, 15), you remain informed about the driving conditions on the national road network (highways and main roads).
  • You can consult the driving conditions by selecting the heading « France » (access to the map of France with capacity to move or to zoom) or by choosing one of the pre-defined specified areas (e.g. heading The Northern Alps area) ;
  • More detailed informations on each road section can be displayed at the two last zoom levels (move the mouse over the road section and click) ;
  • In the legend, you can activate the display of traffic events (accidents, incidents, roadworks) directly on the map (simply tick the box « Traffic events »).

Winter driving tips

Weather conditions in winter can make roads hardly practicable and particularly dangerous. It is necessary to adapt your behaviour to drive safely and to adopt a set of measures like drive slowly, increase the safe distances, strive to keep a smooth driving, avoiding sudden accelerations or brakings. Particular attention needs to be paid to the traffic restrictions and diversions implemented. It is also important to ensure the workers safety on the roadworks and give priority to snow-clearing vehicles or salt trucks.
  • Specific equipments can be required during the winter period. Under circumstances, your vehicle can be fitted with winter tyres, studded tyres, or snow chains. In France, the use of studded tyres or snow chains is allowed from November 11th to the last Sunday of March. The snow chains are compulsory equipments (fitted at least on driving wheels) on the roads equipped with the sign « snow chains mandatory ».
If you break down, remember to switch on warning lights, to put on your emergency jacket, and if there is no danger, to put up the safety triangle at 30 m from the back of your car.