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Fire hazard

Forest fires and wildfires, prevention and staying safe

Because one in two fires is the consequence of carelessness, the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, as well as the support of the ONF and Météo-France are launching, for the 5th consecutive year, the national campaign to prevent forest and vegetation fires. The objective is to make all our citizens aware of the right reflexes to avoid fires and protect themselves.

In France, 9 out of 10 fires are of human origin : in the event of drought, heat waves or strong winds, a poorly extinguished cigarette butt, thrown from a car window or on the side of the road, a spark in a field or garden can be enough to devastate hectares of vegetation or forest in just a few minutes.

These behaviors can have serious consequences on nature, destroy homes, businesses and campsites, but also threaten or kill animals and people.

In response to the risk of forest fire, tips to follow

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Did you know ? One in two fires is the result of carelessness. However, if you adopt the right behaviors, it is possible to prevent forest and wildfires and protect yourselves.

  • No fires or BBQ’s on the outskirts of forests.
  • Never throw cigarette butts in forests or out of car windows.
  • No spark-causing work if drought, heatwave or strong wind.
  • No flammable material (wood, fuel oil, butane gas) against your house.
  • If I see a fire starting, I call 18, 112 or 114 and try to accurately locate the fire.
  • I take shelter in a house while waiting the emergency services to intervene.

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On the road, don’t play with fire

This year again, the awereness campaign launched by l’Entente pour la forêt méditerranéenne for the regions Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Occitanie targets drivers with reckless behaviour on their trips. On the roadside, a cigarette butt can ignite dry grass. The heat of the cigarette, the vegetation with the wind are the right conditions to set off a fire quickly.

In front of a fire, adopt the appropriate behaviours

  • Don’t park to watch the fire.
  • Don’t drive in direction of the fire, and don’t interfere with assistance.
  • Turn back ; if impossible, don’t get out of your car.
  • If you get stuck, try to find an open zone around, close the glasses, turn on the headlights, and don’t switch off the engine.

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Entente pour la forêt Méditerranéenne

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