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Heat wave

Bison Futé reminds you of the good tips to do when travelling :

  • avoid driving during the hottest hours of the day (between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.),
  • equip your vehicle with sun visors or solar films for the rear window and the rear side windows (they protect from the sun, reduce the brightness and the temperature inside the passenger compartment),
  • drink water regularly to avoid the risk of dehydration and heat stroke, risks increased by the greenhouse effect of the vehicle,
  • be very attentive to the most vulnerable passengers (children, elderly people, etc.),
  • do not leave a person in the stationary vehicle to avoid sunstroke and dehydration.
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In the event of high temperatures or heat waves, consult the website of the Ministry of Health and Prevention. It reminds the simple actions to adopt by all in order to best fight against the consequences of the heat during travels.

Consult the website of Météo-France

To facilitate everyone’s information on traffic forecasts and traffic conditions, consult the information on the Bison Futé website, its mobile website or on its mobile application for download for smartphones, under IOS and Android.